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Work as a software developer on exciting projects!

We are in close contact with many innovative companies from Germany and all over Europe with exciting and interesting projects looking for software developers like you. Join our team now, learn something new every day and actively drive your career forward.

We offer you not only a competitive salaray and benefits package, but also stable long-term emplyoment in an environment of openness and trust. And as we are a remote-first company, you are flexible to work from any location in Egypt.

Our customers are looking for software developers both in the areas of web development and application development. Particularly in demand for example is very good knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, React, Laravel, NodeJS and VueJS or also C++, C#, .NET and Golang.

As a full member of our customer’s team you need to closely cooperate and regularly communicate with the your colleagues abroad. Therefore it is absolutely neccessary that you have good English language skills.

Interested? Then we are looking forward to your application!

What are we offering?

Interview software developer

Transparent interview and selection process

Salary package software developer
employment contract software developer
projects software developer
openness trust
long-term employment

We redefine nearshoring!

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